Create SMS Campaigns: Clients can select from a wide variety of SMS campaign templates. They can customize all aspects of each campaign template, including all opt-in language and myriad other advanced settings.
Create Multimedia Campaigns: Clients can select from a wide variety of mobile multimedia campaign templates, including ringtones, wallpapers, video clips, and more. Clients can choose to charge for the mobile content downloads or offer them at no charge.
Sent Content To Subscribers: Send mass amounts of real-time SMS, multimedia, or voice messages to subscribers. When sending content, you can filter in a very precise manner. In this example, we are sending a message only to California subscribers of the keyword ”BUD” , who have joined the campaign between 11/8 and 12/8.
Scheduling Content: You can also choose to schedule content for later delivery to subscribers.
Managing Multimedia Content with Orbit: Multimedia content such as ringtones, wallpapers, and videos can be uploaded for use in the MMS Wizard using the Orbit Multimedia plug-in. You can also easily browse and manage your Orbit Multimedia content catalogue at any time.
Adding Web Opt-in To a Campaign: The Web-2-Mobile tool can be used to easily add web-based opt-in to a campaign. The tool generates javascript forms which can be easily embedded onto your website. This is an example of a web-based opt-in form generated by Web-2-Mobile and customized by the webmaster.
Grouping Campaigns: Campaigns can be grouped to better analyze them or more efficiently manage content transmission to your keywords.
Importing Lists of Numbers: The MobiList tool can be used to import existing lists of mobile phone numbers.
Integrating Pin-Codes with PinCoder Plug-in: The PinCoder Plug-in can be used to integrate dynamically generated and authenticated pin-codes into your SMS campaigns. The pin-codes sent to users can be redeemed at a website, mobile storefront, retail location, or elsewhere. This is an example of a client’s rendition of the Pincoder javascript forms.
Enhancing Campaigns With Carrier Exceptions: In order to help clients comply with the different messaging guidelines by different carriers, Concierge allows users to build custom message flows for each campaign on a carrier-by-carrier basis using the Carrier Exceptions tool.
Enhancing Campaigns with Magic Text: Clients can incorporate run-time variables into the message flow of any Concierge campaign using the MagicText tool. For example, this tool can be used to satisfy the T-Mobile requirement that each subscriber’s rebilling date is disclosed in the HELP message. It can also be used to inform the user how many download credits he has left, and so forth.
Enhancing Campaigns with XML Data Feeds Plug-in: The XML Data Feed plug-in is a developer’s tool which can be used to infinitely expand and customize the Concierge campaign templates via API. Clients “register” their application using the XML Data Feeds module.
Getting Help: An Interactive Help Side Bar is available on the far right side of Concierge to guide you through the interface. The Help Side Bar will change as you move throughout Concierge, constantly displaying relevant help information. You can also use the search feature.
Viewing Statistics: Concierge offers a wide range of analytical tools. The Quick Stats module gives you a high level view of your account activity. The Keyword Stats tool gives you reports by keyword. You can click on any keyword to drill down into the subscriber list for that keyword. The Subscriber List tool gives you detailed information on each subscriber and can be filtered in a number of ways, so that you may extract highly targeted sub-lists. The Traffic Reports provide you with raw traffic records, both originated and terminated, and the ability to filter the records with criteria. The Billing Stats provide you with information about your account’s balance, contracted rates, and other information pertinent to billing.