Orbit Multimedia requires a two-step process for clients to start delivering multimedia content to mobile phones. First you upload your content, then you set up distribution methods for your content.

Uploading Content

Before doing anything with Orbit Multimedia, you must upload at least a single piece of content into the CMS (content management system). Clients need only upload a single source file into the Orbit Multimedia platform, be it an audio, image, or video file. Our advanced content transcoding system will dynamically transform your content on the fly to match the capabilities of each mobile phone which requests the content.

Orbit supports the following file formats:

  • Ringtones: MIDI, MP3, WMA, WAV, QCLP, AMR
  • Images: BMP, GIF, JPG
  • Video: 3GP, 3GPP2, WMV, MP4, AVI

Distributing Content

Once you have uploaded content, clients can distribute the content via text messaging "keywords" or web-based "mobile storefronts."

Keywords: In the keyword approached, consumers send a text message to a 5 digit number called a Short Code in order to download the mobile content. To try this on your own phone, text the word TM to 88930 (example of charged wallpaper content) or text the word EVAN to 23907 (example of free ringtones content). In order to create keywords, clients use the MMS Wizard tool provided in Concierge. You can create keywords to distribute your content for free/promotional use, or charge for the content via Premium SMS. Clients can also create download subscriptions using the MMS Wizard.

Mobile Storefront: In the mobile storefront approached, consumers visit a "browse and buy" website in order to preview and download the mobile content. To see an example, please visit http://tmac.golivemobile.com. As you can see, thumbnail representations of the content are displayed on the website, and once users click a piece of content they are presented with a pop-up window prompting them to enter their phone number and carrier. Once the phone number and carrier has been entered, a pin-code is sent to the phone, which the user must enter into the pop-up window in order to complete the download.