The sophistication of your WAP hosting provider is a huge factor in the success of any mobile website. While some traditional website hosting companies have entered the mobile web space, very few have the expertise in mobile required to deliver high quality WAP site hosting services.

GoLive! Mobile is an industry leader focusing solely on the mobile space, and our high quality WAP site hosting and design services reflect our experience and innovation. Hosting a mobile website -- the GoLive! Mobile way – involves much more than just server space:

  • Device Profiling - analyze statistics for your WAP site by handset & carrier, in addition to the usual website statistics.
  • Text-to-WAP - drive new users to your WAP sites, and keep in touch with existing users.
  • Mobile Billing – Add ‘one-click’ billing (“WAP Billing”) support in dozens of countries.
  • Mobile Advertising – integrate with Third Screen Media, Admob, Google’s Mobile Adsense, or any other mobile advertising platform with ease.
  • Mobile Search – get listed in all of the major and minor mobile search engines, both on-deck and off-deck!
  • Content Transcoding – our WAP proxy servers determine the device capabilities and deliver content appropriately. In the case of mobile website pages we serve XHTML MP, XHTML, WML, HTML5, CSS3 or Webkit, depending on the device.. For WAP-site based content delivery applications, including WAP storefronts and mobile video applications, we perform multimedia content transcoding depending including compression adjustment, format conversion, and resizing.
  • Home Page Forking – you can choose to register a new domain for your mobile website, or we can provide you with code snippets for your existing home page which will automatically take mobile web surfers to the mobile version of your website!